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Vin natur 2010

Vin natur 2010

Vila Favorita - Monticello di Fara - Saregno (VI), Italija, 11.04.2010

To produce wine in a natural manner means to act with full respect of the territory, of the vines and of natures cycles. It means limiting, through experimentation, the use of invasive agents, chemical toxins and technology in general first and foremost in the vineyards and successively in the winery.

The association intends to preserve the individuality of wines from standardization that chemicals, technology and industrialization have brought to the agricultural world and, in particular ways, to winemaking. The scope of the Association VinNatur is to unite the forces of these winemakers, giving every one of them strength, knowledge and visibility by sharing experience, study and research.

The Association invests their resources and reserves particular attention to the needs of the associate winemakers with respect to the consumer.

Some cardianl points of the VinNatur activities are:

  • Fight against pesticides: every year the association analyzes, at their expense, one wine from every associate wine producer. The analysis is based on the research of seventy active medicinal principles. In other words, they search for synthetic pesticides used against diseases of the vines that enter into the lymphatic system of the plants, of the grapes and, ultimately, into the wines.

  • The study of sensible crystallization and the bioelectronic analysis of the distinction of the energetic vigor of wine.

  • Research of vinification techniques in collaboration with private laboratories and universities. A deepening of knowledge and experimentation in respect to spontaneous fermentation and the processes of maturation and conservation of wine.

  • Experimentation of innovative agrarian techniques with maximum respect for the environment. An example we would like to cite is the "Dynamic Forest" method of the French researcher Michale Barbaud. These are methods that have the elimination of copper and sulphur and the return to a natural soil balance as their objectives.

  • Organization of conventions and courses to inform the associates of current research, and, in particular, of techniques, workings and enological practices. At the same time, information aimed at the public of the development of research being carried out.

  • Organization, at least once a year, of a salon with the participation of all the associates in the splendid surroundings of the Villa Favorita. An opportunity to encounter all of the associated wine producers, wine enthusiasts and wine professionals.

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