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VinNatur 2011

VinNatur 2011

Festival Vinnatur 2011, 10.04.2011

The VinNatur's Manifesto

The association gathers VinNatur All Those national and international winemakers who aim at defending the integrity of Their Territory by Respecting the history, the culture and the arts That Have Been Handed to Them down over time, while Constantly Being inspired by a strong ecological ethic.

To produce wine in a natural way to act with full means-RESPECT of the Territory, the vines and the cycles of nature. It means-limiting, through experimentation, the use of invasive agents, chemical toxins and technology in the Vineyards and secondly in the winery.

The association AIMS at preserving the individuality of the wines from the Standardization That chemicals, technology and Agricultural Industrialization Have Brought to agriculture especially with Regards to winemaking. The purpose of the association is to combine the forces of ITS winemakers, Each one giving the strength, knowledge and visibility by sharing That They Need Every bit of expertise, studies and research.
The association invests Resources and Reserves ITS Particular attention to the needs of ITS associates while always putting the consumer first.
VinNatur's Major Activities focus on:

  • The Fight Against Pesticides: every year the association analyzes, AT ITS own expense, one wine from Every web. The analysis tracks the presence of seventy Principles of phytopharmaceuticals active in the wine. In other words, we trace out the synthetic pesticides used for fighting the vines' diseases.These pesticides enter the Lymphatic system of the plants, and then move to the grapes are Transferred to the wines.

The study of the crystallization and the sensitive analysis of the wine bioelectronics. These studies are Undertaken in order to detect the energetic vitality of the wine.

  • The Vinification techniques of research in collaboration with private laboratories and universities. Deepening and experimentation of spontaneous fermentation and maturation processes of wine and conservation methods.

  • The agrarian experimentation of new environmentally friendly techniques. We are pleased to mention the "Dynamic Forest" method Promoted by French researcher Michel Barbaud. Mr Barbaud's method at AIMS Eliminating the use of copper and sulfur to Achieve the natural soil balance.

  • The organization of conventions and courses to keep Our associates posted on the current research, techniques, Procedures and enological practices. The association will disclose to the public Actively progress or Any Further Developments on the ITS studies.

  • The organization of the association's main event to Whom all the associates will participate.The event will be held-at least Once a year in the majestic surroundings of Villa Favorita, it is an exclusive opportunity for wine lovers to mingle with winemakers and market operators.

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